As the title suggests, this video revolves around the painting ’The battle of San Romano’ by Paolo Uccello. Romus made his own interpretation of this famous work. The video starts with the image of a hairdresser, cutting the hair of an Asian woman. A young man in a motorbike costume is looking at her. The sculpture of a horse resembles the horse in the center of Uccello’s painting. The crowd in ’The battle of San Romano’ is represented by an image fragment of a crowd of angry Asian workers attacking the police. Then images of the Asian woman in a park, and on the background, oriental music is playing. Connections are made between the hair of the woman and the branches of a tree. The young man with the motorbike represents the horse. Then a close-up of the painting appears. A female voice-over clarifies that the work originally consisted of six panels, but only three of them still exist. Romus replaced the missing panels with three black-and-white photographs of his choice. The first one is a picture of a woman, shaved bold and carried down the street by soldiers. Secondly there’s a photograph of soldiers hanging up the American flag. The last one shows a Western man, tied up, who’s being executed by an Asian man with a sabre.

  • Jaar 1980
  • Duur 00:16:33
  • Taalinfo
    Gesproken: French
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