A compilation tape offering an oversight of Monsieur Delmotte’s recent tapes: One Monsieur Delmotte Show, The white Man Africa, The century of the 20th Sex, The Hello-Objects, I can’t kill myself for you, Turn around nude, The living skin, Anus Song, Foot beats mouth, mouth bites foot…, the ventriloquist baby, Some advises to integrate the fact of being a young artist, How to flee the idea of entering a museum, the century of the XXIst Sex… A part of Monsieur Delmotte’s work plays with provocation. In the work called ‘The century of the 20th Sex’ he gives a summary of all the provocations. He tries to develop all the fantasies of the body, of seduction, of sexuality in order to clear them of their contents. Actually, he’s not interested in the idea of the body in itself, but rather in the behavioural phantasmagoria towards the body. He’s trying to be a model who would wear dresses made of fantasies that are not necessarily his…

This series consists of the following parts:The Doll
The Muscle and its Revetment
Alone Love
The Maggots
Small Bells
Silver Balls
The Rabbit
The simple fact of not being a woman (1)
Teddy Dog Mother
Cindy Crawford
The Sickness
A Cup of Coffee's State of Being
Chocolate Face
Ass Dance
Sleeping Pornography
Missed Cloning
The Breeches (1)
Madam Fellatio
The simple fact of not being a woman (2)
The Breeches (2)
Head trying to enter in a body

  • Format miniDV(miniDV)
  • Color system PAL
  • Color col.
  • Year 1993-1995
  • Duration 00:27:32
  • Artists