In Friday, June 18, 1999, City of London, Charley Case witnesses the widespread rage against the capitalist system and the emergence of an alternative system out of the system, out of time. This work reveals great sensitivity to political and social debate and militate for a freedom of expression and total movement. He brings an inside account of a public meeting in London that attracted more than hundred thousand activists campaigning against global capitalism. Images of joy and ecstatic jubilation, rage and anger, disenchantment and delusion structured around the four elements: fire, air, water and earth.

As Case stated: “While the elite gangs of state and capital become evermore faceless, their fear of the faces of the everyday resistance grows. Yet, somehow the victims of their power - the poor, the oppressed, the broken and desolate - are always voiceless and are always faceless. Today we shall give this resistance a face: for by putting on our masks we reveal our unity; and by raising our voices in the street together, we speak our anger at the facelessness of power.”