"Art has been a part of the essence of the individual that confronts the perception of the total space. In art the ’self’ attempts to feel slight touches in the wind that blows from the world of infinity. The One, the dual [dualitas] is the observing entity that grasps the harmony, the unity, as a mathematical proportion. The feeling of the One, the all-encompassing nature, furnish with a sense of belonging to the encompassing tranquility that attempts to redeem him from his loneliness. the work of art is a icon of Self and Other. Icon of the Highest One, of Nature, of Triumphant Totality." (Source: Argos)

Uri Tzaig and Avi Shaham - [dualitas]
21 x 27 cm, 96 pages, English
Includes a DVD NTSC (no zone) with the videos Look At Me and Master Lucas


  1. dualitas
  2. The never-ending carousel