"The 2001 argos festival catalogue includes essays by A.R. Nort (on Istvan Kantor), Jayce Salloum (on new Arab film and video), Jacques Houis (on Ken Kobland), Jen Weih & Emily Vey Duke (on recent Canadian video), Edwin Carels & Jan Vromman (on Belgian audio-visual artistic production) , Dirk van den Borght (on Taxi Val Mentek), Robin Rimbaud (on Scanner’s performance ‘52 Spaces’), Lisa DiLillo (on the Wishart/DiLillo performance ‘Escape’) and Ive Stevenheydens (on imagemusic). In the second part of the catalogue descriptions of nearly all Belgian audio-visual artistic productions made in 2000 and 2001 can be found." (Source: Argos)

argosfestival 2001
23 x 17 cm, 414 pages, English / Dutch / French


  1. Landscapes for Desire: Ken Kobland's Lyric Cinema
  2. The Spectacle of Noise. Istvan Kantor's recent video work, a selection
  3. History of our present. New arab film and video
  4. Chasm
  5. Simple Stories
  6. Scanner. 52 Spaces
  7. Escape
  8. A New Biotope
  9. Taxi Val Mentek: Twisting the Existing
  10. Biting in order to stroke better
  11. Belgian blossoms, Brussels sprouts
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  • Size414 p.
  • Year2001
  • ISBN9076855099
  • Publish info
    • ARGOS Editions : Brussels
  • Editor(s)
    • Paul Willemsen
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