As a place for profane pleasures, cinema needs stories and the identification of the spectator with the image. In cinematic experience the transition from a black screen to an image is synonymous with the performance beginning. But what if the screen stays black or merely lights up in virgin white? Then the spectator is thrown back upon his own resources and confronted with the basic conditions of the medium. Reality is reduced to potential. It is through this dysfunctional use of monochrome images that Black & White Outs maps out instances in which the soundtrack takes up an essential place.

Three works are to be screened. Stan Brakhage created Passage Through: a Ritual to accompany a piano composition by Phillip Corner. For most of the film, we are presented with the void of a black screen, interrupted only sporadically by short, colorful images, almost like dream sequences. Brakhage’s subliminal work, one of the very few he made with a soundtrack, explores the resonance between image (and its absence) and sound.

Two works by Belgian artists are premiered that confront the white screen. Épilogue by Michel Lorand constitutes the coda of the installation trilogy 3 Short Stories; in which broken, impossible relations inspired an investigation into the relationship between a literary text and images. In Épilogue the offscreen voice acts as a go-between, conveying an inner reality. The psychological marks made by indelible images and recollections find their symbolical expression in the white. In a ‘mono-dialogue’ with the artist Willem Oorebeek, Joëlle Tuerlinckx’ Le Visiteur Parfait explores the German city of Münster.

Susan Philipsz’ The Dead, a 35mm installation with black filmstrips, is presented in Maison d’Art Actuel des Chartreux and concerns loss and memory. Black & White Outs brings together works which create powerful mental images by seizing on the impossibility of the image.

Dit evenement is onderdeel van argosfestival 2005


Michel Lorand, Epilogue  
  • do 13.10.2005 - za 22.10.2005
  • Praktische info

    Location 1:
    Maison d’art actuel des chartreux (MAAC)
    r. des Chartreux 26-28
    1000  Bruxelles

    Location 2:
    Cinéma Arenberg
    Galerie de la Reine, 26
    1000 Bruxelles