Within the scope of the exposition Buckle & Jitter - Three Filminstallations , Rosa Barba proposes a series of concerts, for which she will provide live images, along with the presentation of a selection of her musicvideo’s. Two long-time collaborators, Markus Popp and Jan St. Werner, are the musical keyfigures of the evening. With their respective German-based projects Oval and Mouse on Mars, both have become focal points in modern electronic music, while exploring an alternative vocabulary for today’s digital media. Their micro-stories are about new languages, new ways of expressing music itself, guiding it to unknown territories. With their common project Microstoria they tend to combine Oval’s fetish for CD scarification with the odd instrumentation and breezy, subtlely inchoate arrangements of Mouse on Mars. Freed from traditional concepts of time, verse, even structure, Microstoria explores sound and texture creating depth and form out of abstractions. Subtle tonal changes trigger major alterations when juxtaposed, the nature of improvisation is altered by clear and precise editing decisions, generating imperfection in an otherwise harmonic soundworld. It is this paradoxical arrangement that mirrors the paradox of the abstract organicity of the music and it’s mechanical origins. With his solo guise Lithops, Jan St. Werner further explores the outer edges of inferential, crayon-drawn electronics, recomposing, re-inventing new textures. On his recent album, Scrypt, he dissects the subtleties of redzone harmonics, balancing on the luminous border between digital distortion and acoustic melodies. The latest project of Markus Popp, So, is a joint venture with Japanese songwriter/producer Eriko Toyoda. Initially begun as a reworking of a song cycle from Eriko’s home recording archives and recontextualized through a unique post-production spectrum, their selftitled debutalbum derives from the confrontation between two divergent musical conceptualizations and implementations. The result is melodic, at times soothing, haunting with fragmented design work as much as thick, soul-stirring atmospheres and surprising pop elements.

live music

Elephant Power

Rosa Barba

Selected Discography

Init Ding, 1995 (Sonig / Thrill Jockey)
_snd, 1996 (Sonig / Thrill Jockey)
Reprovisers, 1997 (Sonig / Thrill Jockey)
Model 3, Step 2, 2000 (Sonig / Thrill Jockey)
Invisible Architecture No. 3 [live], 2002 (Audiosphere / Quatermass)
Improvisers, 2002 (Sonig / Thrill Jockey)

Uni Umit, 1998 (Sonig / Moikai)
Didot, 1998 (Sonig / Eat Raw)
Scrypt, 2003 (Sonig / Thrill Jockey)

So, 2003 (Thrill Jockey)

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  • di 06.4.2004
    20:30 - 20:30
  • Praktische info

    A. Ortsstraat 20
    1000 Brussel

    Entrance fee:
    8 euro

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