No Exit – Urban Being, artists

The main exhibitions of the Helsinki Photography Biennial 2012 under the theme of “city and urbanity” are organised in cooperation with the Helsinki City Museum in the Hakasalmi Villa and in the Sederholm House in March–April 2012.
The curatorial method for the exhibitions is a teamwork process. In other words, curatorial decisions are not be made by any single individual, but within a pluralistic and polyphonic process.
Each team member brings their own views to the table, presenting such artists and works that speak to them and resonate with their own way of thinking about city and urbanity. As a part of the process, the curator team and the organisers explore the theme in discussions and seminars.

For the curatorial team HPB12 has invited: photographic artists Ari Kakkinen, Marko Karo, Harri Pälviranta, Kari Soinio and Hanna Weselius, and researcher Jari Harju from the Helsinki City Museum.