Claire Rodier is a lawyer for GISTI (Groupe d’Information et de Soutien des Immigrés), an independent French NGO established in 1974. This organization is known for its expertise in the field of European and international immigration law and its experience with immigration practices. GISTI provides information and advice on immigrants, defends foreigners, offers courses, publishes books and participates in debates about immigration policy. Claire Rodier coordinates European issues and refugee affairs for GISTI.
Rodier also carries out missions for the International Federation for Human Rights. The focus of her work lies in the evolution of migration and asylum policy and European policy in justice and state affairs since the early 1990s. At the European level, she is chairperson of the Migreurop network, which she introduces in her lecture. Migreurop is a European initiative of activists (individuals, NGO’s, academics, etc.) who consider and share information and carry out work around and/or against refugee camps in Europe, migration and refugee policy, as well as new projects involving the ‘externalization’ of asylum.

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