The 2002 argos festival spins a web over the capital.
Spread across six locations – argos, Cinema Nova,
the Film Museum, Matrix Art Project, Recyclart
and Ancienne Belgique – this annual event on artistic
audiovisual productions reveals itself as the largest
in Belgium. In 2002, the festival’s interdisciplinary
programme again gnaws away at the boundaries: film,
video, new media, performance, the fine arts and
music move alongside, but also through one another.

‘Pitch – Mutating Turntables’ is one example, an
exhibition and series of concerts and performances
in Matrix Art Project and Recyclart, where we grasp
hold of the gramophone as a diving board into sonic
and audiovisual mutations. At the argos home base,
we bind together recent national audiovisual
production into navigable programmes, while in
Cinema Nova, retrospectives are held of the work
of film and video artists who have pleasingly whet
our whistles in recent years: Canadian Steve Reinke,
Finnish Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Germany’s Christian
Jankowski and the Israeli Uri Tzaig. Also in Nova:
‘oneplusone’, a two part program on autobiographic
work made by artist-pairs. In the Film Museum, we
shed light on the film letter, an often forgotten but
precious meta-communications medium, and offer
homage to RTBF-television’s influential video
programme, ‘Vidéographie’ (1976-1986).

In addition to looking back, the 2002 argos festival
looks forward most of all. With intercultural auto-
biographies in Cinema Nova, assembled in the frame-
work of ‘The World Seen through Nomadic I’s’, we
gaze through the eyes of Third-World filmmakers:
how do the ‘homeless’ see our western world, and
can their actions be a formulation of an alternative
for the homogeneity of the global business culture?

Finally our brand-new exhibition space, thoroughly
restyled by architects Kris Kimpe and Bruno Poelaert,
including a screening theatre and a media library,
will be festively inaugurated. For the media library
French artist Mathieu Mercier created an incorporated
art project. Also after the festival over four thousand
audiovisual creations and two thousand reference
works are waiting to be discovered.

Accompanying the festival will be a catalogue with
descriptions of the various segments of the program,
including essays by Laura U. Marks, Dirk Lauwaert,
Ive Stevenheydens and Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen,
as well as an overview of recent Belgian productions.


Yudi Sewraj, The Middle Distance, 2000  
  • vr 18.10.2002 - za 26.10.2002
  • Praktische info

    Location 1:
    Matrix Art Project
    Koolmijnenkaai 30-34
    1080 Brussel

    Location 2:

    Location 3:
    Cinema Nova
    Arenbergstraat 3
    1000 Brussel

    Location 4:
    Film Museum
    Baron Hortastraat 9
    1000 Brussel

    Location 5:
    Urselinenstraat 25
    1000 Brussel

    Location 6:
    AB Club
    Anspachlaan 110
    1000 Brussel

    Entrance fee:
    Matrix Art Project: €2
    argos: €3
    Cinema Nova: €5 / €3,5
    Film Museum: €2 / €1
    Recyclart: €6
    AB Club: €10