In the presence of José-Luis Peñafuerte, Katrien Vermeire and Sarah Vanagt.

Sarah Vanagt & Katrien Vermeire - The Wave

2012, video, 20', color, Spanish spoken, English subtitles.

In 2011 Vanagt and Vermeire placed a camera above the spot where nine victims were buried after their execution by Franco’s supporters in June 1939. On day one of the excavation, a digging crane gently loosened the top layer of soil, until the archaeologists came across a skull with a bullet hole. Then the archaeologists continued their work by hand. The skeletons appeared, then disappeared, as if a strong wind blew that removed the sand and uncovered death, a primal truth.


José-Luis Peñafuerte - Les Chemins de la Mémoire

2010, 35 mm, 91’, color, Spanish spoken, French subtitles.

José-Luis Peñafuerte’s Les Chemins de la Mémoire (“Paths of Memory”) is a cinematic journey through the past, present and future of Spain. Over 30 years after Franco’s death, the film looks at the double process of recognition and mourning currently at work in the country, which probes its memory. It also gives a voice to victims of Francoism, long reduced to silence.

In collaboration with Galeries.

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