This reader brings together the most insightful dialogues and critiques on the work of Johan Grimonprez (*1962 in Belgium) and assembles for the very first time, fragments of the film scripts. Kobarweng or Where is Your Helicopter? strikes at the heart of what constitutes a bastard child of colonialism: the legacy of anthropological discourse. dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y unwraps the hidden dimensions of our mediatized culture in terms of the news spectacle and its cultivation of fear, oblivion and catastrophe. Double Take uses the image of Alfred Hitchcock to navigate through a bedazzling doubling of cinema with television, capitalism with communism, and commercials with warfare. Maybe the Sky is Really Green, and We’re Just Colorblind serves as sketchbook for Johan Grimonprez with which he expands on existing themes and explores new ones.

"It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards" : On the work of Johan Grimonprez
14,9 x 21,3 cm, 352 pages, English


  1. "Maybe the Sky is Really Green, and We're Just Colourblind": On Zapping, Close Encounters and the Commercial Break
  2. Borges' and Hitchcock's Double Desire
  3. Double Take - Narration of the film
  4. The Real Double
  5. It's a Poor Story if it Only Works Backwards
  6. Philosophy, the "Unknown Knowns", and the Public Use of Reason
  7. If You See Youself, Kill Him
  8. Parable of the Palace
  9. If You Meet Your Double, You Should Kill Him
  10. "Casting Around": Hitchcock's Absence
  11. Hitchcock is Not Hiumself Today...
  12. Mind Terrorist
  13. Against Documentary
  14. No Man's Land: Politics in the Sky
  15. Supermarket History
  16. On Seeing, Flying and Dreaming
  17. Grimonprez's Remix
  18. Email Interview with Johan Grimonprez
  19. Reality Mistaken for a Commercial Break
  20. Kobarweng or Where is Your Helicopter?
  21. Kobarweng or Where is Your Helicopter? : Script
  22. The "Exotic" is Uncannily Close
  23. West Papuans Oppressed by US Multinational
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