Simon Arazi completed his secondary education in Austria and studied Anthropology & Communications at Goldsmiths College in London. He worked subsequently as runner, film projectionist, copywriter and translator before moving to Brussels, where he co-founded the production company ’ Polymorfilms’ in 1999 with three associates. In 2002 he took up the European Documentary Co-production Workshop at the Discovery Campus Master school. His documentaries ’Discreet Identities’ (1996) and ’Auf Widerst@nd’ (2000) were broadcasted amongst others on RTBF, YLE and Multicanal. In 2002 Arazi directed ’In Limbo’, a satirical homage to the contemporary doctrine of propaganda. This film consists entirely of intercepted American satellite feeds: unfiltered and raw fragments of live news footage as well as corporate and political broadcasts, destined for employees and interns in multinational firms and law enforcement institutions. Essentially a collage, ’In Limbo’ works like an archeology of the ‘culture of persuasion’, where discourses from advertising, business and politics continuously contaminate each other.

  • ° 1971 Beirut (Libanon). Lives and works in Brussels.
  • At view in the media library