As an artist Bie Michels is an observer. An investigation of the complex relationship that men maintain with objects/things is an investigation of our surrounding, our being. She is interested in the ‘little’ aspects of humanity amidst the ‘big’ society and social contexts. In the impact of contexts on semiotic processes involving objects. And in the capacity of objects to express and convey meanings. Objects have multiple layers and they may function as carriers of images. Or become an image themselves.

Since her projects, apart from their artistic essence, involve other domains such as philosophy, anthropology, psychology, etc., with which she wanted it to enter into a dialogue, she sometimes invites a number of academics to contribute to it. So as to be able to clearly delineate her own artistic domain, she adopts a different position. The artistic process offers additional value through its comments, reflection, poetry and ‘useful uselessness’. Through this her artwork is no documentary: it does not frame objective contexts. It questions the truth and renders it in images. Michels pursues multilayered works of art that allow various interpretations of the truth. Her work tells with the voices of others.