The Austrian artist Gernot Wieland works with research, memory and narration.
His films bring together historical reports with personal recollections and scientific facts, fictional and real elements and develop a sense of the uncanny, mostly in ironic and absurd forms.
The works are characterized by a gripping, tragicomic and poetic sobriety and follow associative narrative structures.

Thievery and Songs is framed by the story of a dancer and includes stories of animals and psychotherapists, a transformation into a snail, which by the turns of narrative, bears a relationship to landscapes, memory, hierarchy and a therapeutic session.

„Hello, my name is…” …and… “Yes, I´m fine.” poses the question if we are holding on to the objects of remembrance - or is it the objects that are holding on to us? The film deals with parrots, the history of drones, psychotherapeutic settings, analyses of powerlessness and the artist’s Catholic childhood, complexifying notions of interpretation of memory.