Paolo Enrico Enrique Casotti Ahriman was born in Cesena (Italy) in 1944 and came to Argentina with his family at age 4. At the age of 23 he set up a version of ’The Tempest’ at the Sala del Teatro San Martin Casacuberta. In 1970 he emigrated with a credit del Fondo National Arts, returning intermittently visit to Argentina until his final return in 1998, but in 1971 he participated in a French film shoot near Cuzco. Diana Aisenberg described him as a provocateur of scandals, "wandering exile, a  vagrant (who) squandered work and talent where his fragile body step on." He was persecuted by the censorship in Brazil (where he presented a Macbeth version in which an animal was slaughtered on the stage), had a project in Bolivia to do Shakespeare on television, and was deported to Italy after being found traveling as a stowaway on a ship to Europe, stayed in the Old Continent and there joined the group of artists Montfaucon Research Center, where he did theater productions, radio and broadcast. In the late ’70s he met filmmaker Marco Bechis (director of Garage Olimpo), who eventually would work since his first film, Barbed Wire (1991). In Italy Italian Design made their videos (1990) and Pagine Musicali (1994). Back in Argentina made, with production of Graciela Hasper, the show My Mother-La Argentina (at the Centro Cultural Borges) and participated My brother and I (at the Alliance Française), and worked with Patricia Merkin in pregnancy and commissioning up of the magazine Made in Buenos Aires.
His work Cement describes the project Home Page Edit in Cement, however its realization was not possible due to his sudden death in 2002.