“It all happened one evening. I was in a bar, quietly having a drink. A man sat down beside me and as we were alone, we started talking together. We spoke about red wine, women and music and at this moment, I realized that this man was Claude Debussy. I told him that I made videos and explained my work to him. Suddenly, his eyes sparkled and he asked me if I was interested in making a video clip of his 3rd prelude ‘Le vent dans la plaine’ and I agreed.” In ‘Prélude n°3’, Gigounon plays a graphical game with musical onomatopoeia, he lets them dance and interact within the limitations of the white screen. The minimal chords and melodies of Debussy are tied together by surreal observation more than by logic. Here they find a visual counterpart in a pallet of connected letters in constant movement, shifting colours and changing formats. In the same way as the composer paints an impressionist musical world with warm tones and sound images, Gigounon creates an idiom of his own from sterile, achromatic graphical elements. The letters do not merely derive their existence from the music, but their meaning as well.

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project