After weaving a tempting web of reality and fiction around Brussels Kunstberg (or Mont des Arts) during ’Mission Mont des Arts’ (2002), Augustijnen points his arrows in ’Une femme entreprenante’ on WIELS, a new centre for contemporary art in Brussels, and more particularly to its key figure, Sophie Le Clercq, building promoter and the true ‘force motrice’ behind this cultural project, located on the former site of the Wielemans-Ceuppens brewery. A fierce ‘journalist’, with a highly enacted contraction of ignorance, enthusiasm and astonishment, takes the audience in tow for a further and better acquaintance with the protagonists behind the WIELS project. In a saga full of unexpected complications, a number of other actors from the political, economical and cultural world in Brussels are casually passed in review. Conventional documentary codes are undermined or subtly eroded, and as if by coincidence, a complex tangle of art, brokerage and politics slowly unravels.