‘Looking up’ is, as Gigounon puts it himself, a trip through time and space between the astounding and reality. The short video starts with a sky at night, accompanied by the mesmerising sound of an army of crickets. We look up, as the image evolves very slowly it becomes clear to us that the thing we thought to have seen is not actually what it was, or is. A starry sky turns into a collection of treetops. We find ourselves in the middle of a wood, where intricate sunbeams ray on through the enclosing leave rooftop. Gigounon’s ‘game’ in ’Looking up’ misguides us in an astonishing way. Starry skies, the piercing rays of sunlight of a rising sun, nothing is what it seems, or is it? In spite of its short length, this video has a metaphysical feel to it.

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project