In his darkly witty works, the artist, writer and professor Steve Reinke (1963) appropriates everything he sees and creates multiple fictions, making his improbable scenarios and appalling fantasies sound completely reasonable. He lures us into complicity, then takes us one step beyond, into a region we cannot occupy comfortably. The Hundred Videos is his most ambitious work, in which he aimed to complete one hundred videos before the year 2000. They would constitute his work as a young artist. Completed by 1997, the videos are short, witty subversions of lore passed on to us - the ’knowledge’ available as social history in the memory bank of our culture. Reinke superimposes ad-libbed voice-overs, micro-narratives pertaining to the truth-value of biography or science and inverting the naturalness of these discourses. The series is meant to be approached like a collection of prose poems or short stories, rather than a sequential narrative.

The Hundred Videos
1997, 277’, colour and b&w, English spoken, English running text/titles.

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  • Sat 20.11.2010
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