Ken Kobland is an independent film and video artist, collaborating at times with performing artists such as Philip Glass or The Wooster Group. Kobland’s work is a network of insights and associations, assembled in a flow of images and sounds. Although his focus is always on the individual, his work explores a variety of socially and politically charged themes and issues. The Toy Sun is a rumination on Time, with a capital "T". Time and its ravages, which really just means its progression, its nature. Set off by an "old" poem by T.S. Eliot, the artist dives back in time as well. Old images from earlier films are layered into the movie. And, in the sense that every film is an homage, other old Kobland’s friends are quoted too, among others, Vertov, Marker, Magritte, Matta-Clark. The Toy Sun is endlessly immersed in the past, while the small room everybody inhabits is our present past. (AC)

Ken Kobland - The Toy Sun
2011, 33’, colour and b&w, English running texts.

This event is part of Spring 2013 : New Acquisitions in the Black Box

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