Identity is always a construction. The same applies to film essays that take an anthropological or ethnographic look at exotic cultures. There is the self and the other, the we and the they. Subjectivity and otherness meet. The subject who is indivisible, self-aware and a presence only for himself is a myth. Angle and reverse angle, voyeurism and exhibitionism, gaze and return gaze go hand in hand. The film-maker, constantly compromising between closeness and critical detachment, exchanges his own perspective with that of ‘the other’, and this occurs just as much in the opposite direction. Another Look brings together a number of works that play discursively with the codes of what is normal or exotic, authentic or fabled. Identity and otherness are turned inside out.

Stand Here at the Edge
Andrea Geyer, 2006, 3’, colour, English running text/titles.
Eth(n)ique Vietnam
Laurent Van Lancker, 2000, 25’39”, colour, English spoken.
Jan Dietvorst & Roy Villevoye, 2008, 7’07”, colour, sound.
Kobarweng, or Where Is Your Helicopter?
Johan Grimonprez, 1992, 24’, colour, English running text/titles.
The Mendi
Steve Reinke, 2006, 9’18”, colour, English spoken.

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