Bram Van Paeschen lives and works in Brussels and studied film at the Sint-Lukas Instituut. His graduation project Rookgordijn boven Brussel (or Pas de feu sans fumée, 2002, a mockumentary around the legendary fire in the Brussels’ department store INNO, was well received from the start on various festivals, such as FID Marseille and the Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente, becoming a Belgian cult-hit to his own surprise. In 2005 Van Paesschen makes his second movie World of Blue, Land of O, a social, creative documentary about three people with AIDS which would be awarded as the best national author documentary by the SCAM. In 2007 Van Paesschen completed his third work, ICI (Une lettre à Chantal Akerman), an essayistic and itemed documentary about colonization, collaboration, Christmas, sunglasses and light deficiency disorder.