’Deep in the wood’ is a multi-screen projection recorded in the woods of Brussels and Salzburg over a one-year time period. The changing of the seasons is the central theme of this production. Film, music and contemporary dance are mixed together by an international team, consisting of more than fifty choreographers and dancers. Each of them has their own signature styles and movements. The unusual setting of this piece was the prime source of inspiration from which dance moves and colours are distilled. The dancers mimic the movements of animals and the rich plant life. Their dance is situated somewhere between pure abstraction and narration, expressing at the same time melancholy, love and loneliness. References can be found to myths and even to the biblical story of Adam and Eve. By way of the triptych-like composition, the cinematic language speaks out its story in a musical and visual play of echoes, counterpoints, mirroring, answers and visual canons. The soundtrack consists of natural elements, like birds singing, drops of water and footsteps among the leaves.

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project

  • Format Betacam SP(Betacam SP)
  • Color system PAL
  • Color col. and b&w
  • Year 2001
  • Duration 01:02:00
  • Artists