While they were in Peru in 1973-74 to shoot movies, artists and poets Joëlle de La Casinière and Michel Bonnemaison decided to invite photographer and film director Carlos Ferrand on a trip across the Andes and through the coastal desert along the Pacific Ocean with a Leica camera and a precise mission: constantly photographing out the window of the riding Land-Rover. Forty years later, Joëlle de La Casinière decided to make a movie with the slides, which became archives and which after digitisation and restoration found back all the “freshness” inherent to the free account of a getaway under the large skies of America. Jacques Lederlin, who is the assigned musician of Montfaucon Research Center, composed in the winter 2014-15 a musical piece very specifically dedicated to the displaying of Carlos Ferrand’s slides and synchronised them with his 30 minutes audio piece.