"We keep goin’ on our adventure with this fourth volume of our anthology. This installment is the pivoting axis of a seven-piece set. We developpe here some other tendencies including new creations from China, Brazil, Norway,Hongria and of course some classics and (un)published material from main composers (Ligeti, Lucier…). Some very rare documents too as Robert Wyatt + François Bayle. More than 3/4 of the tracks are unpublished.

In the previous three anthologies, we mentioned the historical axes at the heart of the advent of concrete and electronic music: Pierre Schaeffer’s workshop studio (in Vol. 1), the WDR Studio in Cologne (Vol. 3) and the Princeton Electronic Music Center in Columbia, New York (Vol. 2). Quickly though, the development and creation of electronic studios became a priority, with new facilities popping up around the world: throughout Europe and America, but also in Brazil, Mexico and Japan, countries where there was a will to create music that was radically new. As important as it was, the technological wave was not big enough, as Tod Dockstader’s case testifies: because of his technician’s background in sound editing, he was prevented from pursuing his art in the studios, which remained the musicians’ turf.

CD 1
Halim el-Dabh: Wire Recorder Piece (1944) 2:01
György Ligeti: Pièce électronique #3 (1958) 2:15
Jean-Claude Risset: Mutations (1969) 10:32
Beatriz Ferreyra: Demeures aquatiques (1967) 3:33
Maja Ratkje: Vox (2005) 13:23
Laurie Spiegel: Sediment (1972) 9:16
Steve Reich: Pendulum Music (1968) by Ulrich Krieger 7:27
Stephen Vitiello: Marfa Mix (2003) 4:15
eriKm: Ressac 4 (2003) 4’33
Wang Changcun: Sea-food (2005) 4:49
Chlorgeschlecht: Unyoga (2003) 2:33
Gottfried Michael Koenig: Funktion Grau (1969) 10:15

CD 2
Milan Knizak: Broken Music Composition (1979) 3:28
Ralizes Denudes: Fucked Up and Naked (1977) 8:44
Vibracathedral Orchestra: Weaving the Magic (2003) 4:45
Andy Hawkins: River Blindness (1995) 10:11
Alvin Lucier: Still and moving lines of silence in families of hyperbolas : voice (1972-74) 11’39
Loop orchestra: Circa 1901 (2005) 8:00
John Watermann: Still Warm (1989) 3:00
François Bayle + Robert Wyatt + Kevin Ayers: It (1970-72) 3:40
William Burroughs: Present time excercises (1971) 2:23
James Whitehead: Air Attack over Kabul Airfield (2005) 4:14
Jean-Marc Vivenza: Simultanéité aérienne (1994) 8:52
Olivier Messiaen: Oraison (1937) by Ensemble d’Ondes Martenot de Montréal 7’42

digipack 2 cd + 40 pages booklet / SR250"

An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Fourth A-Chronology 1937-2005
Label: Sub Rosa – SR250
Series: An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music – 4
Format: 2 × CD, Compilation
Country: Belgium
Released: 2006
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Noise, Abstract, Art Rock, Musique Concrète, Ambient, Modern Classical, Industrial, Field Recording, Experimental

Compiled By [Curated By] – Guy Marc Hinant
Design – Peter Maybury
Liner Notes – Guy Marc Hinant
Liner Notes [Translated From The French By] – François Couture
Photography By – Dominique Goblet
Producer – Sub Rosa