Like the pieces ‘Provisory Object 01’ and ‘Provisory Object 02’, Dekyndt’s video shows the membrane of a soap bubble, in this case stretched between the thumb and finger of a hand. Depending on the way the light falls, colours and shapes appear in the reflections from its surface; once in a while a drop falls down, and after two minutes the ‘bubble’ finally bursts.

Despite the banality and simplicity of this scenario, the fluidity of the soap membrane takes on a poetic and metaphoric dimension in Dekyndt’s work – bringing to mind the instability of social relations and the precariousness of human’s place in the world. The video was recorded in Kinshasa, and as a result the gesture it presents suggests other layers of meaning too; the bubble becomes a jewel or treasure, a metaphor for the riches buried underneath the ground in the area and the hands meanwhile seem to craddle this valuable object, guarding it before it suddenly vanishes into air.

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project