Opening Saturday 25th April 2015 // 18:00 - 21:00

The Quebec artist Patrick Bernatchez (b. 1972) does not view an exhibition as the conclusion or completion of the creative process surrounding a group of works but as an intermediary step, an initial presentation that allows the works in question to evolve. His multidisciplinary oeuvre mixes drawings, sculptures, sound installations, films and more.

The exhibition Les temps inachevés – curated by Kevin Muhlen and Lesley Johnstone presents two groups of works: Chrysalides (2006-2013) and Lost in Time (2009-2014). Both groups were developed over several years and neither has a clearly defined ending, since the artist has left openings that allow him to take them a step further at any time. The first phase of the exhibition takes place until January 2015 at Casino Luxembourg and the second phase opens in fall 2015 at Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal. Each new Patrick Bernatchez exhibition is thus an opportunity to take stock of his constantly evolving cycles, as much in terms of newly added productions as of the ways in which earlier works are presented.

In his first major solo exhibition in Belgium, Argos presents a selection of works from both bodies of works, and highlights the trilogy Chrysalides (2006-2013) and the film Lost in Time (2014). In this intermediate step, the exhibition Les temps inachevés focuses on Bernatchez's audiovisual installations and sculptures in order to plunges us into an abyss of life and death, of rebirth and mutation, of light and darkness, of noise and silence. These opposing concepts are inevitably linked in an eternal cycle. And time is omnipresent as a key factor of evolution and decomposition.

Les temps inachevés is an exhibition coproduced by Casino Luxembourg – Forum d'art contemporain and Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal.
In partnership with: Argos – Centre for Art and Media, Brussels, and The Power Plant, Toronto.
With the support of: Délégation générale du Québec in Brussels.
Curators of the exhibitions: Lesley Johnstone and Kevin Muhlen.
Curator of the exhibition at Argos: Andrea Cinel.


  • Sun 26.4.2015 - Sun 28.6.2015
    11:00 - 18:00
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