Contemporary Flemish landscapes

An exhibition about the end of the lyrical landscape in Flanders


The exhibition Weg van Vlaanderen (Swept Away by Flanders. Contemporary Flemish Landscapes) has been conceived as a walk through the strongly fragmented Flemish landscape. Artists from various disciplines, each with his or her own particular temperament, portray in their own way the end of the lyrical Flemish landscape. The names of the various exhibition spaces speak for themselves: Disaster Area Flanders, Non-Place Flanders, The Inaccessible Landscape,...

In 1968 Renaat Braem called Flanders “the ugliest country in the world”; the artists at this exhibition show precisely what Braem meant, but they also show the charm of “the suburb Flanders”. Curator Jeroen Laureyns want the visitor to re-experience the drama of the loss of the natural landscape in Flanders.

Artists: Renaet Braem, Georges Charlier, Emile Claus, Jef Cornelis, Antoon De Clerck, Raoul De Keyser, Jan De Maesschalck, Walter De Mulder, Wim Delvoye, Niels Donckers, Ever Meulen, Michiel Hendryckx, Jan Kempenaers, Jan Mast, Hans Op de Beeck, Roger Raveel, Thomas Struth, Omer Van de kerckhove, Philippe Van Snick, Stephan Vanfleteren