SLOW (36H)


During SLOW(36h), Concertgebouw Bruges gives you 36 hours to stop and pause. In a society that is constantly rushing forward, we stroll and stop. Follow your intuition and forget the clock: experience ‘time’ as ‘duration’, get maximum enjoyment from minimal resources, stride through the city resolutely but slowly and bring yourself into a trance through the repetition of mystical Moroccan Sufi music or Simeon ten Holt’s Canto ostinato.

SLOW(36h) massages the senses and - who knows – may even lead to spiritual experiences.

Curator Ive Stevenheydens selects video art in which slow movement is central. The trail – featuring work by young artists, such as Maurits Wouters – is a trip through the Concertgebouw that invites silence and brings intense pleasure to the senses.

Concertgebouw Brugge



Marie José Burki - A Film - 2017, 61’40”, colour, sound. English spoken.

Maurits Wouters - Arcadia - 2014, 70’, black & white, sound.

Jef Cornelis -  De Koninklijke serres van Laken - 1974, 22’26”, colour, sound.

Enrique Ramirez - Océan 33°02'47"S / 52°04'00”N - 2014, 552 hours, colour, sound.

Stefaan Quix & Els Van Riel – The Bazaar and the Cathedral - 2001, 52 min, colour, sound