Through a number of conversations ’Europe from Afar’ relates the Levantine projection of Europe as it is found in the book by Jacqueline Kahanoff ’Vom Osten das Licht’ to other projections inside the continents as well as outside them. While the conversations take place the mobile character of the projections transcends their search for a location and unfolds the inherent capacity of the projection surface to record distinctive projections. Sometimes it is a ghostlike whisper during an exhibition on Coptic art in Paris, sometimes a world exhibition, which, between the protection of our country borders and the technological crossing of borders, marks the start of a future Europe. Image and sound abandon their role as a carrier of identity in order to become the publicitary media that commercialise their projections.

Europe from Afar. Eva Meyer & Eran Schaerf. Germany, 2001, colour, English spoken / no subtitles, 74 min

On the occassion of this premiere screening a Meyer-Schaerf video edition will also be presented.
Wie gewohnt. ein Versatzstück, 1997, 27 min isbn 90-76855-03-X
Documentary Credit, 1998, 71 min isbn 90-76855-01-3
Europa von Weitem, 1999, 74 min isbn 90-76855-02-1
published by argos editions

Eva Meyer & Eran Schaerf, Europe from Afar, 2001  
  • Sat 12.5.2001
    11:00 - 11:00
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    Cinéma Arenberg
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