with Cel Crabeels, Dora Garcia, Steve Reinke

For the international dance, performance and visual arts festival ’Body Stroke’, particularly the ’Body Walks’ event, argos has set up a modest exhibition together with four works evolving around the starting points of the festival: physicality, touching and being touched in all of its aspects. Cel Crabeels’ Slave Unit, Dora Garcia’s The Glass Wall and Steve Reinke’s works Barely Human and The Boxers evolve around balances of power and sexual tensions. Together they provide a comment on the position of the individual in mediatised society and they give an account of the positions of subject and object in interhuman relationships, domination and submission. ’Body Walks’ will guide us to various locations in the inner city of Bruges. In performances choreographers like Manon De Pauw, Sarah Manya, Lin Snelling, Ted Stoffer and Sara Wookey will investigate the relationship between their body, mediatisation, technologisation and globalisation.

Cel Crabeels, Slave Unit