In the frame of the Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture, the documentary 'Waarover men niet spreekt 2: Alice in Wonderland' by Jef Cornelis will be on view. Based on a scenario by Geert Bekaert, the documentary is an attack on the alienation induced by modern architecture and town-planning. In the monotonous suburbs, life dies away and boredom rules. The city centres are depopulated and dead. The community spirit is not stressed and the individual does not find expression. Modern town planning has not yet been able to give an answer to the problem of our dying cities. But is there an answer? Part of the BRT (Belgian radio and television broadcast network) television series ’Waarover men niet spreekt’ (’What is left unspoken’).

The second edition of the Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture wants to highlight Brussels’ post-war architecture. The double title Modern isms are shaping the city / Modern isms are shaking the city indicates to what extent the Belgian capital underwent a metamorphosis after the Second World War: the historical urban fabric was replaced by large-scale infrastructure, office buildings and new types of housing.