Lazara Rosell Albear has a Masters in Audiovisual Art (medium FILM) from the K.A.S.K (Royal Academie of Fine Arts) in Ghent, Belgium. Her audiovisual creations and films has been screened at different festivals in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Iceland. She has worked with production houses Victoria, Het Muziek Lod and with dance compagnie Les Ballets C. de la B. were she performed and toured abroad as a member of three projects by: Alain Platel (Iets op Bach '97-2000), Koen Augustijnen (Import-Export 2007-2008) and Lisi Estars (Bolero-2009 & Soup-2010). She founded the Xmedia organisation MahaWorks in 2001 together with musician/composer Eli Van de Vondel (CiCliC Records) to develop her own projects and collaboration with likeminded artists. In 2002 she received the Bunkacho Fellowship Japanese Ministery of Culture that allowed her to study; traditional japanese dance (Nihonbuyo) and music: Shamisen and Sho; for a period of 6 months in Kyoto and Tokyo. Her projects has been called engaged, avant-gardistic, extreem, magisch-realistic soundscapes permeated with the energy of a strong presence. She also curates DANSCAMDANSE-International Dancefilm Festival of Belgium; with it's 5 edition in 2011 in collaboration with Art Cinema OFFoff and The City of Ghent. Currently on drums, electronics, pocket trumpet, voice according to the concept of the projects: with Ultraterrestrial (Transsonic Knocking Down), with Marco Loprieno (winds & objects) and Jan Pillaert: bass tuba (Trio Train) and with Audrey Lauro: alt sax and Maja Jantar: voice performance (Invisible Cities) and with Jorgen Teller: e. guitar, Fx's, voice & Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva (nl) e. bass, Fx's voice (HI-SHI Wah Killers). Lazara received the DIVA SKRAEP Residentie 2011 to spend a month and half in Copenhagen collaborating with danish composer/performer/guitar player Jorgen Teller and his collegues. With Jorgen Teller and The Empty Stairs she played Roskilde 2012 in july and they opened for Thurston Moore band at Store Vega last august in Copenhagen. She has also worked with Xavier Lukomsky, Dirk Verstockt, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Logos Foundation, Ontroerend Goed, Walter Verdin, Sammy Baloji, Olga Magieres and Doris Bloom.