Francois Vogel was born and raised in Meudon, a Paris suburb. He began scientific studies while practicing drawing, painting and animation. After art studies, he travels to the pacific to do his military service as a drummer in New Caledonia. Back in Paris he divides his time between photography (experiments with pinhole, manufacture of cameras) and video (Attending the video artist Dominik Barbier, working as a computer artist at Mikros image). For twenty years, he combines his work for living (Ads) and his work as an author (shorts). His short films have recieved many awards in festivals and have been on many focuses (Clermont-Ferrand, Dubai, Sofia, Sapproro, Milan, Vendôme and Valence).

Being a cameras inventor as well as a virtual camera maker, François Vogel is both an artist and a scientist. Since his photographic experiments to his creations film, he plays with our vision, he manipulates our perception of re- ality and immerses us in a unique universe, distorted as the clay (“Cuisine”, “Tournis”, “Trois petits chats “), or fragmented as crystal (“Rue Francis”, “Faux plafond”,”Les crabs”).