Video artist, actor and musician. Born in France 1973 and based in Brussels (BE), Hubert Marécaille creates video projects, including A DECEPTIVE LIFE (a series of 9 videos) and L’EXHIBITIONNISTE in 2012, JOURNAL APOCRYPHE D’UNE PSYCHANALYSE in 2011, shown in a private exhibition in Brussels (BE), and, from 2000 to 2009, Les Histoires de Monsieur Hubert, a series of videos presented in the gallery RDV (FR) and in the art center the Glaz’Art in Paris (FR). This video artist also collaborates with the scottish artist Michelle Naismith for the film La Liseuse in 2011, and, from 2010 to 2012, for the series of videos Love In The Life Quotidian (9 videos), presented in the gallery Mélanie Rio (FR), in the art center Artconnexion (FR) and in modern art museum the MAMAC in Liège (BE). Between 2010 and 2012, different directors have engaged Hubert Marécaille as an actor : Johanna Weissenrieder in Rendez-vous 1963, Michelle Naismith in Mummy and in INSTITUTE DES ARQUES, Fabrice Chan and Fred De Loof in commercials. Percussionist and pianist (formed by the concert performer Tünde Hajdu), this filmmaker-musician regularly presents musical performances, including with belgian video artist Messieurs Delmotte, and participates in various music groups (Singerclub, Enid Gay...).