In a series of projects called CAP.MAX, Emilio López-Menchero started from the fundamental rules that Ernst Neufert (1900 – 1986) - a German architect who is known as an assistant of Walter Gropius, as a teacher and member of various standardization organizations – elaborated in his essential handbook Architects' data (first published in German in 1936). By using a 1:1 scale of  human beings transferred on vinyl screen printings, López-Menchero applies the standardized measures conceived by Neufert in order to verify the maximum capacity of an art gallery, a truck or a public space. Actually, this capacity corresponds to six persons per square metre.

Taped from a car, CAP.MAX, cf. E.Neufert - Station 2 Station is the recordings of the truck – where the human silhouettes are applied – driving along Flemish national roads and highways. Realized in the frame of the exhibition Station 2 Station which took place in Bruges 2002, this truck from the transport company De Sauter is still driving in local and international highway.