In the work of Ria Pacquée the relative and the existential always go hand in hand. In ’Neuf Petits Moments’, Pacquée layers brief shots and images, small moments, to construct a visual poem. Exploring space and colour, lines and forms, light and shade, she assembles a catalogue of images both absurd and symbolic. The two rough, hand-drawn lines, one apparently drawn with emotion and one without (according to the accompanying poem, below), are transformed by the angle of the arms as the figure takes up an almost sacrificial pose, and the lines appear to be a dark liquid dripping down the arms. Pacquée also explores the anonymity of the artist and the invisibility of passion. The sequence of visual words is brought together: ’’I, walking towards you, head covered, protected by the screen and the line. Shadow and light, wind and sand. The colour: purple. A horizontal line in front of my eyes A pole is falling White moments in between. A line drawn with emotion. A line drawn without emotion. The smell of water in my memory’’