Horaizon is an experimental film moderating between photography, moving image and sound. The title is referring to the English phonetic pronunciation of the world horizon. The film is shot in different locations throughout the world. The horizons, sunsets and weather conditions between these places form the common thread throughout the film. The film is an immersive experience where sound and image have no hierarchy. Horaizon addresses topics such as tourism, the human urge to visit landscapes and the ecological impact of this. In times where nature and humans have come to a point of no return scientists say current happenings are a sign the human intruded too close to nature, by killing and eating animals, by living too close to them and not giving them enough space on this planet. How are millions of people living in big cities on a small territory and how in fact nature and landscapes are important for our sanity? In Horaizon a tourist travels through international borders, searching for sublime landscapes, but by travelling inevitably destroys these wonders of nature.

  • Color col.
  • Year 2022
  • Duration 00:11:07
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    Spoken: English UK
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