Michelangelo Pistoletto, painter and art theorist, founded an art city called CITTADELLARTE in an abandoned textile factory near Biella, Italy in 1996. It was part of his programme ’Progetto Arte’, which aimed to bring together and integrate all aspects of human life and experience – the artistic and creative combined with the social and economic. It is both an art centre and an experimental laboratory, bringing together young artists, economists and scientists to foster their vision of a socially responsible transformation. Fabio Wuytack, together with team of CITTADELLARTE, tries to unravel the character and dynamics of this unusual and inspiring place.

CITTADELLARTE, 2009, Fabio Wuytack © the artist & producersCITTADELLARTE, 2009, Fabio Wuytack © the artist & producers  
  • Color system PAL
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  • Year 2009
  • Duration 00:18:00
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    Subtitles: English UK
    Spoken: Italian, English UK
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