With “one of the untalented sequences of Jacques Lizène” as a subtitle, the artist himself wallows in his typical nihilism from the very start—or should we say infantilism? With a soundtrack of grating and complaining in the background, one derisory scene is followed by the next with great indifference. Armed with elementary video effects and an eye for the ridiculous, he undermines all classical ideas about quality: images of mating and vomiting of lapdogs, saxophone player and a ballerina pass by, barely directed by a sardonic Lizène. As a self-appointed exile in the “suburbia of art”, he practises “the art of suburbia”, of the volatile and mediocre, the unimportant and useless, merely to point out our incorrigible, illusory search for something to hold onto and for a reference frame.

  • Year 1983
  • Duration 00:23:47
  • Languageinfo
    Spoken: French
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