Aubier & Patar bring five shorts stories together in Pic Pic Andre Shoow Le deuxième (1997). In this second episode, we follow the adventures of Pic Pic - a pig who, thanks to a dance, can become magic – and André, a horse who spends his time arguing with Côboy. Firstly, André keeps on fighting with Côboy and tries to get rid of him. Pic Pic Magik tells the story of Pic Pic who, after having played with a train model and destroyed his house due to his clumsiness, drives a car and pick up a strange hitchhiker: only his supernatural powers can help him to solve the dangerous situation, but he forgot the cows' revenge! Then, it's Côboy who tries to reanimates André, but he turns as a strange Frankenstein! The electroshock turns André's head on Côboy and again Côboy's head on André's body till a magic door puts things in order. Then, the never ending fight between Côboy and André starts again in the saloon, Frankenstein and a giraffe join their argument, but André dies into an enormous pint. Afterwards, two bears play with a balloon, but something turns wrong … Finally, André and Pic Pic celebrate New Year’s Eve!

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project