"The Woman with Cannibal Blood" appears to be the slow unfolding of a story. A very simple story of four successive generations, from the author’s grandfather to his son. A succession disrupted by the director’s departure and by his desire to live a different life. A story whose end we won’t know : Jonas is five years old, with his whole life before him. At the beginning of the movie, we see the narrator’s family. The characters talk comfortably about love, illness and work in front of this privileged witness. The camera forgotten, they meet their son again, who’s always had faith in their life as workers and as a couple. Contrasting this, we see images of a child of today in machine-games, and also of the Jamaican poet Lindon Kwesi Johnson who speaks of a father crushed by life. Familiar landscapes, those of the Liège suburb, bring us even closer to this investigation, which is also a search for oneself and for one’s past through those who are at the same time so close and yet such strangers.

  • Year 1985
  • Duration 00:55:33
  • Languageinfo
    Spoken: French
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