Conference grouping the different sequences: ’Le paysage’, ’Le voyage de Christophe Colomb’, ’Le tombeau des nains’, ’La mort d’une poule’, ’Le Robot’, ’Revolver’ and ’L’ombrelle descendant un escabeau’. The paper sunshade approaches Spring, it is growing amongst the crocuses. In fair weather it is in full bloom. It shivers and closes at the fall of evening because it is afraid of the brilliant moon. When it rains, it curls and shrinks. With heavy winds, we can see it lifted up and away, making somersaults in front of the windows on the first floor. When calm returns, it slowly descends from the sky like a parachute towards its point of origin, which is also its landing place. The sense of direction of paper sunshades is a major question. A few scientists hope to explain it through observation of travelling pigeons, the polar star and bats.