Transforming a body through light and movement. Transforming the movement of the body through editing. Investigating the dynamics between sound and image, believing it to be a solid whole, an organic unity. Taking a body and lighting it, darkening it, teasing it, deforming it, making it liquid, letting it evaporate, taking its face, or legs and making it silent, immobile, then allowing it to move again, giving it a mirror and seeing what it has to say. "Take a human body, shake it, liquefy it, evaporate it, take its face off, cut off its legs, reduce it to silence, to immobility, and then put it back into motion, give it a face again, offer it a mirror and see if it has something more to tell..." (Antonin De Bemels) Winner of the Video dance Creation Prize of the Grand Prix International Video Danse, Paris, France, April 2002 Special Mention at Il Coreografo Elettronico, Napoli, July 2003

  • Format S8(super 8 mm)
  • Color system PAL
  • Color b&w
  • Year 2001
  • Duration 00:17:15
  • Artists