‘State of Dogs’ is a parable, it tells the story of a Mongolian stray dog who didn’t want to become a man.

"A dog who dies and who knows that he dies like a dog and who can say that he knows that he dies like a dog is a man." (Erich Fried)

Baasar was a stray dog that was shot by a dog hunter somewhere in the backstreets of Ulan Bator on the first day of spring. Basaar had always loved and trusted Man. Now that trust is gone. In Mongolia, people know that when a dog dies he will be reborn as a man. But Baasar lost all his confidence in mankind-which is why he is reluctant to return as a man. In order to accept his fate, Baasar sets out on a journey through his memory. He remembers his joyful life as a sheep dog in the Mongolian countryside. He remembers the pain and sorrow when his master abandoned him. And he remembers the struggle to survive as a stray in the city. Without knowing why, Baasar remembers a young woman. He feels very close to her, as if time is connecting them to one another. Baasar wants to protect her, like he always protected the people he loved. He wants to warn her for a great danger: he knows that even if he were to come back to the world of the living, this world might end. But Baasar’s spirit has little time left to travel. Time is catching up with him again. While Baasar is coming to terms with his destiny, the mythical dragon Rath is threatening to devour the sun to create total Chaos and destruction. Now, Baasar’s rebirth depends on man’s power to scare away Rah… (Source:

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project

  • Format Digital Betacam(Digital Betacam)
  • Color system PAL
  • Color col.
  • Year 1998
  • Duration 01:25:00
  • Languageinfo
    Subtitles: English UK
    Spoken: Mongolian, English UK
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