S*CKMYP drops the spectator in a world continuously bombarded with digital fragmentation bombs. People wander through a kaleidoscopic labyrinth of trembling bodies and mutating buildings until they are swallowed by a yawning void. Lost pixels nestle like parasites under the skin and drag them through an everyday world that looks strange beyond recognition. The film is a feverish dream, the loot of a nightly raid on suburban districts and new housing estates. A collection of the stolen dreams, fears and thoughts of its unsuspecting inhabitatants that is melted into a new impressive universe. S*CKMYP also exists as a video installation. The installation is an exploded film for 4 projection screens. Parabolic loudsprekers emit directional sound waves. The spectator can build his own film by walking. The result is an endless variation of stories and interpretations, but not a single one of them turns out to be the right one. Text by Peter Verhelst. Music by Köhn