For the exhibition The Royal Palace - Builders and Inhabitants that took place in the former Royal Palace in 1970 at the Meir in Antwerp, Jef Cornelis delivers a short but unconventional documentary film. The original 18th century building used to provide accommodation to important rulers such as Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Willem I of the Netherlands (1772-1843) and the Belgian Royal House.
Cornelis alternates accelerated views of traffic and people walking around the Palace and detailed close-ups of the interiors. A monotone and rhythmical voice-over lists objects present inside the building and gestures events outside.
Part of the BRT (Belgian radio and television broadcast network) television series ’Zoeklicht’ (’Searchlight’).

Original broadcast date: 25/06/1970

00’00" Leader. 00’07" Titles. 00’15" Following the exhibition The Royal Palace - Builders and Inhabitants presented in the former Royal Palace (in 1970 : I.C.C.) at the Meir, Antwerp, detailed close-ups (wash-basin, candlesticks, curtains, paintings...), alternating with views of traffic round about the Palace. 04’10" Drawing of the Palace. 04’35" Credits. 04’40"
(Source: Jef Cornelis 1964 - 1990, Espace Art Contemporain : Maison de la culture et de la Communication de Saint-Etienne, 1991)