Mira Sanders explores the potential of journeying to touch upon and visualise cultural, historical and sensory limits. For Along the Sides Along, Sanders retraces the boundaries of her own oeuvre by employing the methods of inventorising, cataloguing and exploration. Over an extensive series of sketches (videos, drawings, texts, models), a story unfolds of people and places, referring to journeys the artist might or might not have embarked on.

Text, films, drawings and objects move in relation to one another, exploratively, as counterparts. Together they form a potential narrative, a subjective cartography of a journey that reveals itself in interaction with the viewer’s frame of reference.

In Along the Sides Along, Sanders revisits the large body of work she generated during her PhD research (2012-2017). By shifting the perspective between drawing and architectural setting, and between viewer and artist, Sanders redefines both the image of her work and the status of her research. In this way she concludes her PhD by creating a new way to unlock its meaning.

  • Video 1: De weg en het onderweg zijn
  • Video 2: De secundaire heerweg is niet
  • Video 3: Wegsnijden
  • Video 4: De act van het tekenen
  • Video 5: Het efemere van de omtreklijnen
  • Video 6: compilation of four videos:
    • Un Voyage à travers N-Dimensions (A Journey through N-dimensions)
    • Dans une Profondeur Atmosphérique du Temps (In an Atmospheric depth of Time)
    • Une Tentative de définir la Notion de Transition (An Attempt at Defining the Idea of Transition)
    • Fenêtre de Vue (Window View)
  • Color system PAL
  • Color col.
  • Year 2017
  • Artists