'The Building' is a digitally-generated animation film which takes the viewer on a virtual, nocturnal walking tour of a fictitious, massive hospital. The facility has the mediocre, half-hearted, over-the-top architectural features common to hospitals, shopping malls, health clubs and airports all over the Western world.

These complexes are designed to accommodate visitors by the tens of thousands; they foster a mood of alienation, and they appear to be interchangeable. Strikingly, hospitals of this type -- huge, spick-and-span, impersonal—are the settings for some of life’s most intimate and essential moments: birth, suffering, healing, and, often, death.

'The Building' does not follow a strict narrative line, but submerges the viewer in the slumbering atmosphere of the health care institution, with the camera switching back and forth between a neutral point of observation and the subjective position of the patient.

This work has been digitised in the frame of DCA Project